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Product thermal capacity: 4-35 t/h
Working pressure: 1.0-2.5 MPA
Outlet temperature:: 184-350 ℃
Available fuel: Bituminous coal, lean coal, anthracite
Available industries: Heating, chemical, food, tobacco, textile, print and dyeing, feed, medicine, building materials, wine, hospital

Study of Equipment Prices in the Power Sector - esmap.o

2017-6-8 · 5. Cost Estimates for Power Plants in the United States, India, and Romania 29 Gas Turbine Simple Cycle 29 Gas Turbine Combined Cycle 35 Coal-Fired Steam Plant 39 Oil-Fired Steam Plant 45 Natural Gas-Fired Steam Plant 47 Diesel-Generator Plant 48 Onshore Wind Farms 51 Photovoltaic Array 56 Solar Thermal Array 60 Annex 1. Design Basis 63

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Effect of Gas Turbine Exhaust Temperature, Stac

2015-1-8 · parametric analysis of effects of gas turbine exhaust temperature, stack temperature and ambient temperature on the overall efficiency of combine cycle power plant keeping the gas turbine efficiency as well as steam turbine efficiency constant. The results shows that out of three variables i.e. turbine exhaust temperature, stack

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Cogeneration | Combined heat and power | CHP | Cog

2019-5-27 · Cogeneration / Combined heat and Power (CHP) Cogeneration (cogen) through combined heat and power (CHP) is the simultaneous production of electricity with the recovery and utilisation heat.Cogeneration is a highly efficient form of energy conversion and it can achieve primary energy savings of approximately 40% by compared to the separate purchase of electricity from the national …

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Cogeneration - Wikipedi

|2019-5-23 · Cogeneration was practiced in some of the earliest installations of electrical generation. Before central stations distributed power, industries generating their own power used exhaust steam for process heating. Large office and apartment buildings, hotels and stores commonly generated their own power and used waste steam for building heat.

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Combined Heat and Power Technology Fact Sheets Serie

2016-9-7 · Combined Heat and Power Technology Fact Sheet Series per kW. As indi-cated, capital costs For comparison, a typical natural gas combined cycle power plant will have emissions of 800-900 lbs/MWh, and a coal plant will have CO: 2: emissions near 2,000 lbs/MWh. Table 4. Reciprocating Engine Emission Characteristics

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Calculate How To - Department of Ener

2017-6-3 · Exhaust to Atmosphere Alkali Scrubber Sludge to Disposal Main Steam Header Process Vent A Vent B kW BPST Deaerator Steam Flash Drum Flue Gas BFW Steam for Sootblowing Vent C Bypass BD to Sewer BFW Makeup Condensate Tank BPST = Backpressure Steam Turbine BD = Blowdown BFW = Boiler Feedwater How To Calculate The Tr 2 ue Cost of Steam Figure 1.

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Kawasaki Gas Turbines-Americ

2014-2-19 · • High Power Density > 50% Weight and 50% Footprint (vs. Engine) > Roof Mounting Capability • Dual Fuel (Gas / Liquid) > Automatic Fuel Switching (Additional Level of Redundancy) > Potential for Much Smaller Diesel Storage Tank • High Emissions Density (Diesel) > Less than 100 ppm NOx (Engines Typically: 500-700 ppm) • High Start Reliability - Greater than 99%

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Heat Recovery Options - Southern California Gas Compa

2011-5-10 · Heat Recovery Options A 1000 kW generator can produce the equivalent hot water of a 150 hp hot water boiler at full load. However, since most boilers have a 0.25 load the exhaust gas of the engine-generator, but the amount of steam will be significantly less since much of the engine's heat is dissipated through the radiator. Natural gas

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Micro Steam Energy Generator

2011-1-6 · Micro Steam Energy Generator Hideaki KUWABARA*1, Makoto NISHIMURA*1, Masaki MATSUKUMA*2, and electric power from steam with a small volume and low-pressure. With this background, Kobe Steel has developed exhaust side, expand the steam inside the enclosed

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Catalog of CHP Technologies, Section 4. Technolog

2017-9-22 · Section 4. Technology Characterization – Steam Turbines . 4.1 . Introduction . Steam turbines are one of the most versatile and oldest prime mover technologies still in general production used to drive a generator or mechanical machinery. The first steam turbine used for power generation was invented in 1884.

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Gas-fired(oil-fired) boilers
Coal-fired boilers
Biomass-fired boilers
Thermal oil heaters
Hot water:0.7-14 MW
14.1-21 MW
21.1-29 MW
29.1-75 MW
Steam :  1-10 t/h
11-20 t/h
21-90 t/h
91-140 t/h